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March 2022 eNews Guest Editor, Dionte Gavin (LT 38)

But for Leadership Tallahassee.

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February 2022 eNews Guest Editor, Ana Ortega (LT 39)

I am so excited and honored to be able to share with you some of the experiences from LT Class 39 -#LT39 aka #TheBestClass aka #GOAT! Read Full »

January 2022 eNews Guest Editor, Sammie Dixon (LT 24)

Past is Prologue
How LT Sparked a Personal Mission to Bring People Together
  Seventeen years ago, when I [...]
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December 2021 eNews Guest Editor, Tim Center (LT 18 & Lifetime Member)

The holiday season offers a chance to reflect on all we are thankful for. And, it presents the opportunity to plan and prepare for the new year ahead. While my Forever 18 L [...]
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November 2021 eNews Guest Editor, Symone Thompson (YLT 18)

I was honored and surprised when asked by my Youth Leadership Tallahassee advisors, Lili Hoffman and Casey Grisby, to be the November eNews guest editor and share my Youth Lea [...]
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October 2021 eNews Guest Editor, Leigh Watson Healy (LT 38)

When my husband and I moved from Central Florida to the Tallahassee area in spring of 2016, we said it was like getting an upgrade in life. He was a longtime fan of North Flor [...]
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September 2021 eNews Guest Editor, Becky Tolnay (LT 33)

Do you remember the first time you heard about Leadership Tallahassee? I do. OK, it was not like one of those significant life event things where you know exactly what you wer [...]
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August 2021 eNews Guest Editor, Marcus Nicolas (LT 37 & LT Board of Governors)

Anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes with me knows that, at any given time, I may ask a million questions during a conversation. I have always been a ‘question-asker’. [...]
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July 2021 eNews Guest Editor, Mayor John Dailey (LT 24)

As Mayor, I’m often asked how I think things are going in Tallahassee now that I’ve been in office a few years. And every time I’m excited to tell them th [...]
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June 2021 eNews Guest Editor, Julian Dozier (LT 32), 2021-22 Chair, Board of Governors

And here we have it. The most challenging part of chairing the Leadership Tallahassee Board of Governors. It’s… the eNews guest editor assignment. My chance to set t [...]
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