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January 2023 eNews Guest Editor, Narain Gopalachar (YLT 19)

It was an honor and pleasant surprise for me to be asked by my Youth Leadership Tallahassee Program Director Ms. Lili Hoffman and Chair Ms. Stephanie Shumate to be the eNews g [...]
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December 2022 eNews Guest Editor, Jason Hollister (LT 39)

I am a homegrown Tallahassee guy. I have always been proud to call this city my home. Living here for so long, I always thought that I knew everything about this community. Wh [...]
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November 2022 eNews Guest Editor, Rachel Sutz Pienta (LT 31)

I had no intention of applying for Leadership Tallahassee. I did not think the Leadership Tallahassee experience was for me. The deadline was a week away. In fact, I had alrea [...]
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October 2022 eNews Guest Editor, Willie Williams (LT 38)

“Is Leadership Tallahassee for me”? “I probably do not have the background experiences they are looking for to be accepted”. “I bet you have to know the right pe [...]
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September 2022 eNews Guest Editor, Christic Henry (LT 38)

 We are the ONES, but not the only ONES…

Christic Henry (LT 38) #freshestclassever

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August 2022 eNews Guest Editor, Gloria Pugh (LT 35 & LT Board of Governors)

Are you looking for an out-of-the-box experience? Do you want to meet a diverse group of people? Do you want to create life-long meaningful relation [...]
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July 2022 eNews Guest Editor, Dan Parisi (LT 35 & LT Board of Governors)


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June 2022 eNews Guest Editor, Khanty Xayabouth (LT 28), 2022-2023 Chair, Board of Governors

This year marks 40 years of Leadership Tallahassee. 40 years of anything is an amazing accomplishment. But LT has not just existed for 40 years - it has thrived. And with the [...]
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May 2022 eNews Guest Editor, Casey Grigsby (LT 31)

When Barbara calls, you answer. On the heels of our first COVID-19 year, Barbara and Lili asked if I would be willing to serve as the Youth Leadership Tallahassee (YLT) Curric [...]
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April 2022 eNews Guest Editor, Michelle Gayle (LT 38)

If you really knew me…you would know that volunteering is in my blood. Working within my hometown community of Gainesville, Florida to ensure a positive and collaborative ch [...]
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