Building Better Boards



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Building Better Boards is an annual training seminar designed by Leadership Tallahassee for novice & veteran not-for-profit board members & staff.  This interactive seminar assists in making organizations more successful through valuable information & resource materials related to board member service.  Training topics range from fundraising tips & legal obligations to governance, strategic planning, and more.

At this workshop, participants may attend 2 session presentations from over a dozen offered topics.  Dinner & a keynote speaker are included.  Registration is $14 per session.

Building Better Boards: The Basics

Leadership Tallahassee also offers a basic session for new board members in a small class setting (up to 10 participants). These basic sessions are offered quarterly.  Whether you have just started service as a board member or would like to get involved in the future as a new board member, Building Better Boards:  The Basics will help you be an effective board member from the start.  Learn about the roles & responsibilities of board members, the difference between governance & management, and how to understand governance & financial documents so that your board service can be an asset to the organization from day one.

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