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December Guest Editor, Randy Nicklaus (LT 9)

I hope your holidays will be full of joy and happiness. Let’s appreciate the benefits we have and help others who are less fortunate, not only during the holidays [...]
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November eNews Guest Editor, Amanda Wiggins (LT Program Director)

There is a lot more power and pressure in this article than I realized when I’ve asked many of you to be featured, write Read Full »

October eNews Guest Editor, Miriam Nicklaus (LT 29)

It is an honor for the opportunity to share my LT experience with you.  My husband, Randy Nicklaus, was in Class 9.  I remember that [...]
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September eNews Guest Editor, Lex Phillips (LT 34)

Adapting to Change Strengthens Leaders
I am excited to serve as your Leadership Tallahassee Membership Chair this year. Me [...]
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August eNews Guest Editor, Antwan Brooks (LT 37)

I was honored when asked if I would be the LT eNews guest editor. After accepting this task, I starting feeling nervous, similar to when I prepared my song for classmate intro [...]
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July eNews Guest Editor, Ely Rosario (LT 35)

One day at a time. Those are the words I have been uttering daily for over 4 years now. I hated them at first because it meant I had to work on my patience. It meant I could n [...]
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June eNews Guest Editor, Sha’Ron James (LT 21), Chair-Elect, Board of Governors

Be Intentional   Leadership Tallahassee is a diverse network of emerging and experienced leaders prepared to meet an [...]
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May eNews Guest Editor, Andy Harrison (LT 31)

As I sit down to write this article for our newsletter I cannot help but to look back and reflect on how much our lives have changed over the la [...]
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April eNews Guest Editor, Barbara Boone, Executive Director (LT Affiliate)

As Executive Director of Leadership Tallahassee, I have had the distinct privilege to play a role in guiding more than 800 of you through LT classes 17 through 37.  [...]
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I first entered Tallahassee via US-27, Apalachee Parkway, on a dark and stormy night in 1994. I was in the cab of a Ryder rental truck with a half dozen tropical fish, an [...]
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