July 2022 eNews Guest Editor, Dan Parisi (LT 35 & LT Board of Governors)


I think we’d all agree that the last year has been pretty “interesting”! 

So as not to reinvent the wheel I reread the last twelve LT guest editorials and concluded that the core values of Leadership Tallahassee remain solidly in place no matter the outside influences affecting us. Here are some of my key takeaways from these leaders with a little of my own commentary added in…

July 2021 – Mayor John Dailey (LT 24)

“Every LT grad should take an active role in shaping our community. Come to a City Commission meeting and have your voice heard on the issues that are important to you.”

August 2021 – Marcus Nicolas (LT 37)

“Ask questions and participate in an information exchange to gain another point of view”.

If you have not heard of the upcoming Village Square #100Coffees project, please take the time to check it out. Vanessa Rowse (LT 33) has done an awesome job putting this together! Many LT Grads, along with Barbara Boone, have already volunteered to take part in what should prove to be a very interesting project in our community. Whenever you are seeking buy-in it’s always smart to invoke Barbara’s name.

September 2021 – Becky Tolnay (LT 33)

“Fill out the annual LT Willingness to Serve survey each year. Stay connected as we are Trustees of our community”.

If not you then who?

October 2021 – Leigh Watson Healy (LT 38)

“Reach big by starting small and getting the details right. Together we can make a difference in the lives around us”.

Self-introspection here, people. What are you contributing? Can you do more?

November 2021 – Symone Thompson (YLT 18)

“You get out of it what you put into it”.

December 2021 – Tim Center (LT 18)

“Experiences are richer when shared with friends”.

Reach back out to your LT classmates you have not seen or spoken to in a while. Take the lead and put a lunch or cocktail event together.

January 2022 – Sammie Dixon (LT 24)

“Focus on what unites us, not divides us.”

February 2022 – Ana Ortega (LT 39)

“Never take the first no for an answer”.

As a media sales rep for 45+ years, I could not agree more. We’ll be asking for everyone’s help with the upcoming Distinguished Leadership Awards sponsorships soon!

March 2022 – Dionte Gavin (LT 38)

“My LT class was made up of people from different professions, upbringing, ethnicities etc. with a common goal of making Tallahassee a better community”.

Well said, sir. I think that was also my biggest takeaway from my LT 35 class experience!

April 2022 – Michelle Gayle (LT 38)

Stressed volunteerism via “meaningful and sustained community engagement particularly in our public schools”.

Has your company or LT class considered adopting a classroom via the Chamber?

May 2022 – Casey Grigsby (LT 31)

“Open communication is essential and flexibility is key”.

If you have not read the book “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson, you will learn a lot about flexibility!

June 2022 – Khanty Xayabouth (LT 28)

“LT is not about individuals. It is about community. A pay it forward approach drives continued growth”.

I am very much looking forward to working with Khanty, who is our Board Chair on the LT Board of Governors this year.

As we enter our 40th Anniversary year of LT, think about what you and your class can do to drive continued growth for Leadership Tallahassee! Want to have coffee and discuss? Go check out the Village Square #100Coffee project page and set something up!

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