Leadership Tallahassee
A Program of the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce

The mission of Leadership Tallahassee is to cultivate a diverse network of emerging & experienced leaders committed to improving the community.

We prepare leaders to meet & anticipate challenges in the community. Through programs for adults & high school students, participants experience information about all sectors of the community, including business, economic development, the arts, government, and more. As a result, they find their own connection in the community by making a difference through leadership service.

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Leadership Tallahassee Graduates Speak

Leadership Tallahassee has opened many doors for me and connected me to people that I would never have met. It has enriched my work and personal life.

LT was a great resource and opportunity to get involved in the Tallahassee community.

Prior to joining Leadership Tallahassee, I did not have a means to know how to support my local community.  I served other local communities, statewide, and nationally, but not Tallahassee except through my church and children.  From my involvement with LT, I have been able to serve Tallahassee and make lasting friendships and business contacts.

I have given many testimonials about LT over the years, but simply put being apart of this tremendous group has improved my life through friendships, leadership opportunities, and meaningful community engagement.

Although I’d lived here for more than 10 years before joining LT, my experience with Leadership Tallahassee made me a real resident. Trust me, you don’t know Tallahassee until you’ve done LT!

Leadership Tallahassee has been the best investment of time of any local groups I have participated in.  My LT Class Year increased my personal leadership and self confidence tremendously, I have formed lifelong friendships I will be forever grateful for, and I continue to enjoy the networking opportunities and ability to keep informed on important local matters through LT offerings.  I highly recommend LT to anyone who is serious about pursuing a leadership role in business or the community.

One of best experiences I enjoyed during my working career!

It was been a very beneficial program which I have promoted and recommended over many years to friends and colleagues. I have also sponsored a number of graduates who reported to me and continue to do so in my new management role in the non profit world.

My LT class 03 was very informative on a broad array of fronts. Established some long term contacts. Feel like I received the training I needed at that point in my life.  I have recommended it to others.

I enjoyed the LT experience and was fortunate to make several lifetime friends from my classmates.

I recommend LT all of the time and absolutely enjoyed it. I would do it all over again if I could.

LT truly was a game-changer for me as young professional and as a leader. The learning experience was so impactful that it really still feels like just yesterday that I was at the opening retreat. Thank you for letting me be in the number!

LT was a life-changing experience. I loved it!

LT has allowed me to meet and develop relationships with active community members, forming a network that crosses the natural boundaries created by race, age, industry, political stance, etc.

This organization helped me grow in ways that I did and did not anticipate at the beginning of my involvement.  I knew it was going to be good and it was SO good.  Feel like I have made life-long friends and know my community much more than I did before. LT is a game changer.

Great opportunity to meet and network with many fantastic individuals I do not believe that I would have interacted with in my daily life. Excellent Tallahassee community leaders and many even after 8 years of completing the program together we still have strong relationships today.

Leadership Tallahassee has been the most rewarding experience of my professional career.  The relationships built both on a professional and personal level will continue to strengthen and grow as the years pass.  I am proud and humbled to be part of such an amazing organization.

Great Program…have met lifelong friends and developed many professional relationships through the program.

Best experience of my professional life.

We opened an new office in Tallahassee in 1990 and being part of Leadership Tallahassee helped me network, get business and launch our new office.

Leadership Tallahassee is a wonderful experience. The people and places you get to know are a true window into what makes Tallahassee great. People who want to know their city better and know the people making it better should be sure to apply for LT!

LT pushes you to get out of your shell and grow. It challenges you to better understand your community. Staying in your comfort zone is so easy to do – but LT wants you to get uncomfortable, because that’s where learning can begin.

I found the program to be incredibly dynamic, and the relationships that I made through LT (both within my LT Class 28, and the organization as a whole) have been very beneficial in both my ongoing personal and professional development.

LT is an integral way of connecting to the movers and shakers in the Tallahassee community!

I am a recent LT graduate and found the program to be incredible. I think participating in LT helps you know your community better to a certain extent and build your own professional network.

LT was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself in pursuit of being a better, more aware Tallahasseean.  Between LT and Rotary it continues to inspire me on the community leaders I can call on.

I definitely believe you reap what you sow and Leadership Tallahassee is an excellent example. I graduated many years ago and my participation has waxed and waned over the years depending on what was going on in my professional life. The years I am able to actively participate I am reminded of what a great resource LT is; networking with my fellow colleagues, my former classmates, as well as benefitting from speakers regarding pertinent topics of interest are all of benefit to me.

LT is a GREAT program. It permits participants to work on improving our community in theoretical and real ways that no other program allows. I participated in LT VII and learned just how small Tallahassee really is: it’s two degrees of separation. All of this is a good thing because I learned we’re far more connected than we realized. Like most things, you get out of it what you put into it. I encourage you to jump in with both feet. It’ll be the best thing you do for your career and your self

I think Leadership Tallahassee is invaluable to those who are building personal and professional lives primarily within the confines of metro Tallahassee.

Exceptional program! It helped broaden my understanding of how the community is interconnected. Thank you LT!

Leadership Tallahassee has introduced me to many new friends and colleagues and has been invaluable in helping me professionally.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this wonderful program.

It was a fantastic experience and would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in understanding the issues facing our community and is looking to develop professional contacts.

Applying and being accepted into LT was so exciting and the experience extremely rewarding.  I learned a lot about myself and felt challenged throughout the year.  I think the scrutiny that goes into the application process is quite fair; it should not be about personality, but a person’s ability to lead and influence their community in a positive and inspirational way.

LT is one of the most outstanding experiences I have had.  One thinks they know Tallahassee and then they go through LT.  The experience makes you realize just how rich our community is with culture, sports, government and natural beauty.  The experience is priceless and just keeps giving!  And of course having Barbara Boone as our leader is just plain awesome!

I am honored to have been a part of Leadership Tallahassee Class 31. The connections I have made, the sense of community I feel and the pride in being a part of something greater than myself will always be with me.

I feel very close to my former classmates, even those I don’t see regularly.

Just do it!

I have been associated with Leadership Tallahassee for the past 11 years.  I am grateful for the opportunity and experience working with Leadership Tallahassee has offered.

Leadership Tallahassee is not just for younger residents or new residents. It is an opportunity to see your city in a new way; to hear perspectives you’ve not heard before; and to establish life-long relationships with people from diverse backgrounds. It allows you to become more fully a part of your city and to understand the value of giving back and being involved.

I had a great experience in LT32! As a business owner, I found that my program days forced me to focus on the LT experience and I am very happy I made that commitment. I have made some great friends and I am looking forward to being more involved.

My LT experience was truly transformative and one of the reasons I still call Tallahassee home! I met people from all walks of life, that I otherwise would have never crossed paths with. It also reaffirmed my belief in our collective power to transform our community, city, region, state and world into what we envision it to be.

I love LT!  The experience has been invaluable.  The connections I have made probably would not have happened outside of the LT experience.

My year in LT was the best year of my adult life from a professional standpoint.  I honed leadership skills that have stood me well ever since.  I made friends with the most interesting people who probably would not even have been on my radar screen if not for LT. And I learned so much about my community!

I’ve found Leadership Tallahassee to be invaluable in it’s creation of a new class every year of civic-minded individuals who are committed to making Tallahassee a better pleace to live, work and play.

My experience was invaluable. I have maintained many  Of these relationships for 27 years. I have been extremely involved in the community, yet have not been  A big attendee of yearly activities offered by   LT.  Keep up the good work!!!

LT made Tallahassee home for me and I am confident I will never be able to give back what I have taken from it…but I’ll try.

I have enjoyed years of positive interactions, experiences, and events with LT. I recommend participating in this incredible program every chance I get as it defines community involvement.  As I’m about to retire, however, I find it more and more likely that my participation will dwindle.  I’ll probably become more involved with the Sr. programs, another great effort of LT !

It literally changed my life. I met lifelong friends and it gave me credibility I wouldn’t have otherwise had at this point in my career.

My experience with Leadership Tallahassee allowed me to open the door of risk taking and overcoming challenges more directly.  I appreciated the support I received from classmates and was inspired by those who shared their stories with me.

Was an amazing year with friendships formed that will last a lifetime.  I continually recommend LT to fellow professionals who have not taking that first step to filling out the application!

Leadership Tallahassee is a very important part of our community and helped me get a start in my leadership journey in Tallahassee and Florida.  I am forever indebted to LT, the experiences it has provided for me and the friends it has helped me make.  Although I am busy with other volunteer activities now, I hope to have time to re-invest in LT when some of my other obligations run their course.

Leadership Tallahassee Current Class Featured Profile

March 2024 Guest Editor, Ashley Chaney (LT 40)

Like many, I moved to Tallahassee as a post-secondary student. Being a native of Canada, maybe it was the warm weather, the unique trees and landscape or the people, but every time I traveled away something kept pulling me back to our beloved city. It didn’t take long to fall in love with Tallahassee. Before […]

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