Upon our graduation, it was an amazing surprise to see that the community I experienced did not end with my class, it just grew to the Leadership Tallahassee network as a whole. Through programs like “Best Lunch Ever” or my time serving on the LT Board of Directors, I’ve been able to keep actively engaged with individuals from every part of town just like I would with people from my own class. As it turns out, every class is the best class ever! This year I have the honor of serving as board chair of LT’s Membership Luncheon Committee. If you want to continue to engage with diverse members of our community and stay informed about the issues that impact our everyday life, I invite you to register for each membership luncheon you can. Please bring a friend as well, even they aren’t a LT alum! We’ll have engaging speakers, interactive activities and the ongoing chance to make new connections along the way. Thank you, LT family, and I look forward to seeing you all there!

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