September eNews Guest Editor, Lex Phillips (LT 34)

Adapting to Change Strengthens Leaders
I am excited to serve as your Leadership Tallahassee Membership Chair this year. Membership is a powerful and bonding word; it is what connects us all. Our experiences drive us and the conversations we have to guide us. No matter what happens in life, we all are a part of Leadership Tallahassee.
An application became a letter of acceptance. An opening retreat became the catalyst for connection. A class year spent learning about our amazing Tallahassee community made strangers into lifelong friends committed to each other and the betterment of our City. This connection grew stronger through the years by engaging with the larger alumni group through membership opportunities, meetings and social events.
Keeping our members engaged and informed is a top priority of Leadership Tallahassee membership programming today and in the future. Adapting to change strengthens leaders. Leadership Tallahassee continues to offer a variety of virtual opportunities for alumni to connect during 2020. We have been thinking outside the box to offer engaging topics and thought-provoking presenters. We are focusing on member and community programming in a new virtual world to continue our conversations to strengthen our leadership, conversations, actions and connections. Our Membership Committee meets next week, if you have any ideas please submit them HERE
I am incredibly thankful for the lasting friendships and meaningful connections I have made with my amazing Leadership Tallahassee 34 classmates and alumni. Being a member of an organization that continues to promote personal and professional growth of its members by offering resources and programming is what makes Leadership Tallahassee so special. 
Today, I challenge each one of you to think about what membership means to you. Renew your membership dues. Reach out to your classmates and alumni friends to continue the important conversations that Leadership Tallahassee has started. Register for upcoming events, raise your hand to get more involved, hold virtual events for your classes and let us continue to enrich and grow our connections and drive meaningful change.
Our community needs us now more than ever, we are a force leading the charge for what can be in the future. Do not let off the gas. We have plenty more to do together as members of Leadership Tallahassee.
I hope you will join us for our next Tallahassee Leads Here program “Hidden in Plain Sight: Myths, Facts, and What You Can Do to End Human Trafficking” on September 23 at 11:00 a.m. featuring our presenter, Erin Collins, Executive Director of the Florida Alliance to End Human Trafficking. Register Here!
We are in this together!
Lex Phillips (LT 34)
Board of Governors Member
Membership Chair

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