LT Membership Luncheon Presenations

The Leadership Tallahassee Membership Luncheon held on September 7, 2011 was a successful kick-off for the new year of gatherings. Luncheon Chair, Opal McKinney-Williams, planned the program with Wayne Hochwarter, a Jim Moran Professor of Business Administration at Florida State University.

Guest panelists recognized for their listing in  Florida Trend’s “Top 100 Places To Work” added to the discussion on the business climate with employees and bosses in these stressful times.  Karen Moore, Travis Miller and Bennett Napier provided insight on how they make their businesses an enjoyable setting.

If you attended the Luncheon, you received a request to complete an online satisfaction survey. Those that complete the survey within a week can win a registration to the next LT luncheon on November 17.

Luncheon Presentation & Articles

Managing 27/7 Expectations
Bad Bosses May Just Need A Little Help
Bad Bosses out There – Realities and Remedies


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