LT Class 28 and YLT Class 7 Share a Program Day

The two classes had the opportunity to experience a program day together that focused on Human Services. A total of 64 leaders met at St. John’s Church to get to know each other and the Tallahassee community, better.Kelly Otte and the committee: Pam Davis, Kristen Dozier, Lauren Faison, Kim Galbán, and Dave Simison did a spectacular job in planning the day.

LT Class 28 participated in a session with the YLT kids on “Dealing with Conflict” presented by the TCC instructor that the meets with the YLT class each month in order to complete a3-hour credit from TCC.

The highlight of the day was dividing into groups of 5-6 and walking to the Star Metro bus station. Groups rode buses to 12 different agencies and assumed various roles – with props. We had wheelchairs, crutches, canes, strollers, bags of laundry, bags of food, babies, etc. for each group to take on the bus. The visits included the role play and then all returned to St. John’s for lunch.

After hearing from each group about the agency visits, a vote was taken to donate funds raised by YLT through their lemonade sales and the money the LT Class raised as a match. Brehon and Kids, Inc. were selected to receive the fund. Leadership roundtable discussions were held where each group heard from one agency leader for 20 minutes in an informal table top Q&A format and then rotated once to another table to hear from a second leader.

After the YLT class debriefed and were dismissed, the LT Class presented their pre-day Accountability Group positions and then the Class participated in a panel discussion facilitated by Kristen Dozier with the committee that planned the day about anything and everything they wanted to know about non profits.

Kelly Otte and her committee: Pam Davis, Kristen Dozier, Lauren Faison, Kim Galban, and Dave Simison did a spectacular job in planning the day.

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