eNews Guest Editor – Park Broome, LT 31

Park BroomeBefore LT, I thought I knew just about everything going on in our community. I was born and raised in Tallahassee. I remember when Gaines Street was packed with industrial businesses, Kleman Plaza was just a paved parking lot and Pensacola Street was a wall between Doak Campbell and Dick Howser stadiums.  Needless to say, the city my wife and I are now raising our son in has changed and evolved in big ways since I was growing up.

When I was selected to be a part of LT Class 31, I assumed I would already know many of my classmates.  Imagine my surprise at my first meeting when I only knew three people. While I shared connections with many of them professionally and socially, they were largely new faces and new names. But instead of trepidation, I was excited about embarking on this journey with my group. We already had something in common: Our goal to learn what works and what doesn’t in our community – and where we fit in to help Tallahassee continue to evolve while preserving the things we love about it.

LT was a game changer for me on all fronts. At first, I was honored to be selected to be a part of such a great learning experience. In the end, it ran much deeper than I expected – I got to know, respect and build friendships with a group of amazing individuals.

One of the many opportunities LT brings to graduates and leaders in our community is the Building Better Boards program.  On May 5 (sombrero’s welcome for Cinco de Mayo!), this event will bring  together some of the top nonprofit advocates and leaders in our area, serving up a host of breakout sessions on relevant topics for anyone who currently sits, or is interested in sitting on, a volunteer board.

This year’s Building Better Boards breakout sessions will cover:

  • Cybersecurity: What the Board of Directors Needs to Ask
  • Digitalizing Fundraising the Social Media Way
  • Essentials in Nonprofit Governance
  •  Fundraising Judo:  Engaging Volunteers and Raising Funds the Gentle Way
  •  How Millennials are Changing Philanthropy
  • Legal Primer for Nonprofit Board Members
  • New Board Member Guide to Starting Out
  • Succession Planning
  • The 7 Best Ways to Strengthen your Board
  • Thinking Outside the Box
  • Tips for Board Diversity
  • Understanding the Financial Statement and Internal Controls

Whether you sit on one or more boards or are considering getting involved, you can benefit from the Building Better Boards event.  As a graduate of LT Class 31 (#followthis) and a member of more than one board in our community, I can tell you firsthand that this event helps me better contribute to the organizations I serve, which helps make them – and, in turn, our community – stronger.  And that is what LT is all about. I hope to see you there on May 5! Click here to register.

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