eNews Guest Editor – Maggie Theriot

In a staff meeting I recently learned a new term, “volun-told” meaning you were just told you will be volunteering for a role.  The key to being volun-told is to fully embrace the role you find yourself in as if it was your own personal passion that thrust you into signing yourself up.  Typically a supervisor or team leader will issue the directive but on occasion it comes from someone whose voice is projecting an octave higher than normal with a giant smile saying “Hey there LT alum…” and before you know it you have just been volun-told.  Does anyone wonder how you become the guest editor of the LT newsletter?

All kidding aside, I have fully enjoyed the opportunity to volunteer and give back to Leadership Tallahassee since graduating with Class 28.  Highlights have included hosting the Sustainability Program Day for LT and also YLT, and most recently participating in the planning of LT 2.0 Ecotourism Day (mark your calendars for kayaking and other lively adventures April 10,2015!).

Serving on a non-profit board is another form of volunteering many LT alumni take part in.  In fact, we are such an engaged bunch that LT grads often serve on numerous boards.  And thanks to Leadership Tallahassee creating the LeaderBoard finding the perfect fit is now a cinch! Think of Match.com but for board service. LeaderBoard hosts profiles for non-profits as well as individuals interested in joining a board.  After building your profile, individuals can search for potential matches that suit their passion and skill sets.  As the Chair of The Sharing Tree, I was quick to encourage the creation of our LeaderBoard profile in hopes of finding energetic new board members.  Within a month we gained two new board members, each with experience and skills that fit our needs perfectly!

Contributing to a non-profit board is a personal passion that doesn’t require being volun-told.  But at times we can all benefit from a little match making.  –  Maggie Theriot (LT 28)

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