eNews Guest Editor – Kimberly Smiley, LT 22

Kim SmileyWhen I was asked to be the Guest Editor for this month’s newsletter, I wasn’t quite sure what I would write about that would be of interest to our alumni and the new LT Class 33.  As I sit here at my laptop, I realize that the best thing to highlight is YOU!  Our LT Alumni are quite amazing if I may say so myself. Over the last year, as I served as Chair-Elect of the Board of Governors, there have been many occasions I was asked by our Executive Director, the wonderful Barbara Boone, to “form a committee Kim”, or “ask someone to help plan this Kim” and you know what?? I never once experienced a hard time getting a “YES” from anyone I asked to take on these various challenges.  As your incoming Board Chair, I imagine it will be even easier to get that YES!  Each of us is the reason that this program is extremely successful.  Leadership Tallahassee is every single one of us who has been fortunate enough to experience the unique and special year of gaining knowledge about our great community, bonding with new friends and most importantly for me, learning about myself:  Who did I want to be? How would I get there?

I am constantly hearing from LT Grads,  “You get out of LT what you put in to LT”…but I can guarantee you that even though I’ve been “putting in” for a multitude of years, I will never come close to catching up with all that I have gotten and continue to get out of LT.  I hope that each and every one of you who are called upon to contribute your time, talent or treasure to help make Leadership Tallahassee and its programs even better, will say that you feel the same way. Say yes…give back….I promise it is worth it.

And in closing (just in case there was still any confusion) LT Class 22, the “Double Deuce” boasts the Sheriff, the Mayor and if I may humbly add, a new Bank President!  So, no question:  LT 22. Best. Class. Ever.

It’s going to be a great year!

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