eNews Guest Editor – Kennedy Nelson, YLT 10

What made my junior year special was being selected to be a part of Youth Leadership Tallahassee Class 10 (2013-14). Not only did YLT develop me into a better leader, but it took me out of the normal classroom environment to achieve a better understanding of Tallahassee’s community, from its local government to the operations of a local company’s recycling plant.kennedy

YLT’s interview was the first official interview I had ever done. I was so nervous that I had doubts about whether I should go through with it or not, but with the support of my friends who were currently in the program, I was able to push through the interview with the right mindset. “Just be myself” was the phrase I repeated in my head before my interview began. Overall, the YLT interview was a great learning experience because it gave me a taste of what is expected for job interviews. I got practice on how to answer questions that I’m not prepared for and how to dress properly for formal interviews. Thanks to that, a year later, after I landed my first summer job!

One of my favorite things about YLT was meeting other upcoming leaders from Tallahassee’s high schools. I am the type of person who enjoys meeting new people, especially if they share common interests with me. So I really enjoyed all the icebreakers and teambuilding exercises that were done during the YLT retreat and throughout the year. My class and I went through leadership activities that were meant to broaden our minds, to put us in challenging situations, and to make us think on our toes.

During our program days, we explored different topics that are vibrant in Tallahassee, such as creative arts, business and finance, government and media, human services, public safety, and sustainability. These topics brought us closer to our community and now we know how to contribute to making Tallahassee an even better place.

My YLT experience was the best experience and I would encourage all high school sophomores to apply. It showed me the importance of being open minded, how to think creatively, and how to get involved in my community. It also opened so many doors and gave me opportunities I couldn’t get anywhere else!  –Kennedy Nelson (YLT 10)

Kennedy is a senior at Lincoln High School.  She is also an extern with Leadership Tallahassee this year.

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