eNews Guest Editor – Ben Graybar

This year’s LT Chair, George Smith, stated that the overall message for his leadership board year is Cultivate Network. He encouraged members to utilize the networking mechanisms in place such as membership lunches, social hours as well as LT 2.0.

For me, LT continues to be a powerful networking tool in my business marketing arsenal.  How many other marketing venues graybarinclude giving you the opportunity to interact with the movers & shakers, heavily networked, decision makers, and who’s who in Tallahassee so frequently and in such a friendly way?  What a powerful networking opportunity LT provides!

It seems there is always a project, contact, advocacy, or question to address, and it is frequently an LT alum who is the right contact to assist, advise, or point me in the right direction.

When I consider my LT 26 class (best LOOKING class ever), I can’t count the number of times I’ve contacted classmates for assistance, advice, connections, or introductions.

In revisiting George’s message of Cultivate Network, here are the opportunities we have planned to help identify & promote LT networking:

  • LT eNews (you’re reading it)
  • Our collaboration with Village Square and with the Institute for Non Profit Innovation & Excellence
  • The LT printed directory
  • Program Preview Party (your chance to invite the next LT class, & your legacy)
  • Chamber events
  • YLT “Lemonade Day” on 9/9 from 1-3:30 downtown
  • LT Membership Luncheon on 9/11
  • Distinguished Leadership Awards on 9/18

What can you do to Cultivate this Network?    Be present, find joy in helping, consider the marketing value provided, and leave your mark by bringing others to the LT family. 

– Ben Graybar (LT 26)

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