Hello fellow LT’ers and especially Class 27!

Last month, my company moved me to a new job. As I was unpacking some boxes to set up my new office, I came across my LT certificate and a class picture. It has been several years since I was in this box but seeing these items brought the LT experience rushing back. I started counting and realized it has been 10 years since Class 27 went through LT. What an experience. I know several of my classmates have gone on to do great things in Tallahassee.

What happens to those of us that are no longer in Tallahassee? Does LT stop at the Leon County border? Do we forget our lessons as we forget what is in the boxes we pack? No, it most definitely does not. Since leaving Tallahassee in 2011, I have had the pleasure to work in four different communities in as many states. And, in each, I have used the lessons I learned in LT.

Leadership is world-wide and learning how to be a leader has helped me in many roles. From working at one of the smallest airports in the country to one of the largest, I have had to use my leadership skills every day. Whether I am encouraging a brand-new supervisor through her first crisis, working with community leaders, or sitting on a committee of peers on a project of national importance, the skills I learned in LT have come into use. There are days I wish I could be with you all, working through a Tallahassee issue or preparing to host “Building Better Boards”, but I chose this path and it has taken me away from that. The experience has been great, and I wouldn’t trade it. So, thank you LT and especially Class 27, for the experience and the lessons. Both have been invaluable experiences and I am glad I was able to experience them with you.




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