December 2021 eNews Guest Editor, Tim Center (LT 18 & Lifetime Member)

The holiday season offers a chance to reflect on all we are thankful for. And, it presents the opportunity to plan and prepare for the new year ahead.

While my Forever 18 LT class was twenty years ago, I’m thankful we remain in touch with each other celebrating life’s great moments and offering consolation when needed. And now, two of us get to enjoy the 2.0 experience. Amy and I are proud of Hayden, our daughter, who is part of YLT Class 18. My classmate Jeff Barbacci’s son, Anthony, is also in the current YLT class. The tradition lives on.

Experiences are richer when shared with friends. Leadership Tallahassee cultivates some incredibly dynamic moments amongst the classes and alumni. I enjoy watching Hayden and her class share in those experiences that strengthen our community and each other.

I am sure we were all excited when we got accepted into Leadership Tallahassee. Hayden considers it an honor and is already calling her class “The Best Class Ever”. I guess some traditions never die. But her reflections remind me (and us) of what makes LT so important. We gain more understanding and knowledge about the community around us, of the opportunities to make a difference, and the chance to make lifelong friends.

In closing, we are all incredibly thankful for the LT Team of Barbara, Lili, and Beth! Don’t forget to send them some holiday cheer!

Leadership Tallahassee is family. And the LT family’s future is bright. Let’s continue the tradition to help make Tallahassee a great place for everyone. Cheers to a wonderful new year!

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