Class Projects

LT 39: Believe in YourShelf: Understanding that children from lower socioeconomic levels are exposed to 30 million less words than higher-income children, LT 39 will implement language development initiatives for the incoming kindergarten cohort who will attend Oak Ridge Elementary School. The Class will: promote literacy through a donation of 750-1,000 new books that will be gifted to students; strengthen students’ cognitive abilities by hosting one read-aloud per class (once a month between September 2022 through May 2023); and enhance educational opportunities of students with a $600 donation for a purpose that will be determined at a later date.

LT 38: Strengthened community ties with the Southside community through collaboration on improvements to Anita Favors Thompson Park and volunteered as a class at Soul of the Southside.

LT 37: Provided a mural at Raa Middle School Celebrating the importance of the Arts.

LT 36: Adopted Sabal Palm Elementary and have participated in projects that can be done in a day (teacher appreciation, Halloween activities, etc.) and a bigger project – creating an outdoor classroom utilizing talents and resources of class members who are professionals in architecture and construction.

LT 35: Rickards High School Essay Contest for iPads. The Class will call for high school students at Rickards to submit an essay on a Class selected topic. Class members will review and identify between 10 – 20 students as contest winners. Each will receive an iPad.

LT 34: Help Shelf TLH: The Class connected with a nationwide effort to provide smaller distribution boxes around Tallahassee to provide food, household supplies and toilet articles to those in need. The class has built 4 sturdy, weatherproof boxes and has plans to add more. They continue to solicit for items to keep the shelves filled. In addition, the Class came together to assist a class member to present the first-ever “Tallahassee Welcomes U” event to connect instructors and staff of FAMU, FSU and TCC to learn more about Tallahassee and all it has to offer.

LT 33: The Learning Tree: Community library with free books plus a place to stay and read. Class member secured a space in southside area apartment complex community room and Class pained, refurbished and furnished the room. Books were collected to fill the library initially and are distributed to any family that wants them. The Class continues to supply books to the library.

LT 32:  Plan to participate in painting an artistic mural in the downtown area depicting how Tallahassee takes the lead in all areas explored by the Class during their program year: Arts & Culture, Government, Sustaibability, Public Safety, Human Services, Healthcare, Business & Economic Development.

LT 31:  Raised funds ($40 per class member) to purchase a swing/plaque for Cascades Park for the Front Porch Swings initiative. Participated in a workday at the park to put final touches on the swing and its surrounding area.

LT 30:  Designed, funded, and presented a cash award focused on celebrating the outstanding young leaders who graduate from Youth Leadership Tallahassee (YLT).

LT 29:  Created LT 2.0 as an extension of the LT Class experience for LT graduates to learn more about their community and to build more relationships with LT alumni outside of their own LT Class

LT 28:  Developed plans for a landmark art piece that aspires to connect the community, City, County, FAMU, FSU, and TCC within the Gaines Street corridor

LT 27:  Participated in a Habitat for Humanity Build

LT 26:  Raised funds which were donated to the Cascades Park effort

LT 25:  The class was divided into Action Teams and assigned a program day topic to explore. They were to select a project from a list and complete that would be part of the Leadership Tallahassee 25 Wishes for 25 Years initiative

LT 24:  The class was divided into Action Teams and assigned a program day topic to explore.  Each group was to do an activity that would “make Tallahassee better.”  One group helped build a garden at a local school, another went to Capital City Youth Services to assist with a playground, and another group presented a financial literacy program to Griffin Middle School

LT 23:  Participated in the Mayor’s Summit on Race, Culture and Human Relations.  They created a survey that they conducted at the event & assisted with marketing the event.  They assisted in the breakout sessions with introductions & end-of-session wrapup.  Their survey results were presented to the City Commission in April 2007

LT 22:  Raised money to add playground equipment for the Hope Community.  They assisted with preparing the site & installing the equipment.  A ribbon cutting was held and community VIP’s invited for this occasion

LT 21:  Held a “Spring Fling” fundraiser at Chez Pierre for the Tallahassee Girls Choir of Choice.  In addition, they worked with the Executive Director on a marketing plan, and on recruiting additional board members

LT 20:  Developed a plan for a Youth Leadership Tallahassee program to be presented to the LT Board of Governors.  The plan was to include selection, curriculum, funding and target group served

LT 19:  As result of 9/11, the Class decided to work with the students of Griffin Middle School on a memorial garden and gathering area for students that included patriotic-themed mosaic stepping stones, plantings, tables and benches.  Plaque at the site reads:  “In memory of September 11, 2001 and dedicated to the students of Griffin Middle School, our hope for the future.  Let the American Spirit live on in you! – Leadership Tallahassee Class XIX”

LT 18:  Class was divided into groups that explored various areas of the community and reported back to their class ways that they got involved:  i.e., adopted a section of a highway, volunteered to create a website for a community arts organization, highlighted the Gaines street corridor as the next downtown improvement need, etc.

LT 17:  In collaboration with the City of Tallahassee and the South City neighborhood, created a pocket park including playground equipment, butterfly garden, and an educational walking tour

LT 15:  Funded scholarships for students at Lively Technical Center to be used for books and supplies

LT 14:  Established & fully funded an endowed scholarship at Tallahassee Community College for a graduate of the Teenage Parent Program

LT 13:  In partnership with the Volunteer Connection of the United Way, developed & published a business volunteer manual designed to guide corporate leaders in promoting volunteerism within their organizations & the community

LT 12:  In cooperation with Refuge House and the Governor’s Task Force on Domestic Violence, hosted a regional conference on domestic violence