LT truly was a game-changer for me as young professional and as a leader. The learning experience was so impactful that it really still feels like just yesterday that I was at the opening retreat. Thank you for letting me be in the number!
I have enjoyed years of positive interactions, experiences, and events with LT. I recommend participating in this incredible program every chance I get as it defines community involvement.  As I'm about to retire, however, I find it more and more likely that my participation will dwindle.  I'll probably become more involved with the Sr. programs, another great effort of LT !
It was a fantastic experience and would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in understanding the issues facing our community and is looking to develop professional contacts.
I had a great experience in LT32! As a business owner, I found that my program days forced me to focus on the LT experience and I am very happy I made that commitment. I have made some great friends and I am looking forward to being more involved.
LT pushes you to get out of your shell and grow. It challenges you to better understand your community. Staying in your comfort zone is so easy to do - but LT wants you to get uncomfortable, because that's where learning can begin.
Leadership Tallahassee is not just for younger residents or new residents. It is an opportunity to see your city in a new way; to hear perspectives you've not heard before; and to establish life-long relationships with people from diverse backgrounds. It allows you to become more fully a part of your city and to understand the value of giving back and being involved.
I am a recent LT graduate and found the program to be incredible. I think participating in LT helps you know your community better to a certain extent and build your own professional network.
I've found Leadership Tallahassee to be invaluable in it's creation of a new class every year of civic-minded individuals who are committed to making Tallahassee a better pleace to live, work and play.
LT was a life-changing experience. I loved it!
It was been a very beneficial program which I have promoted and recommended over many years to friends and colleagues. I have also sponsored a number of graduates who reported to me and continue to do so in my new management role in the non profit world.
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