Leadership Tallahassee’s mission is to cultivate a diverse network of emerging & experienced leaders committed to improving the community.  The organization offers leadership opportunities & programs for professionals, high school juniors, and community newcomers.


Leadership Tallahassee (LT) began in 1983 as a year-long educational program for adults. It was designed to facilitate opportunities for interaction with established area leaders, which would strengthen their bond to the community.  READ MORE

Programs & Events

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All programs focus on the following leadership traits:

  • Self-Awareness: in character development, including personal integrity and courage; to help clarifying individual values, understand personalities, and learning styles to effectively utilize leadership. and learning styles
  • Critical Thinking: comprising critiquing, analyzing, problem solving, and thinking with complexity, depth and creativity; as well as reflectively applying theory to practice
  • Communication: conscientiously developing more effective written, verbal and non-verbal communication – including listening, reading, editing, and presenting.
  • Credibility: Doing what you say you will do following through with your commitments; congruency between word and action.
  • Relationship Building: using previous traits to developing the trust, respect and empathy of others; encouraging the heart and modeling the way for others being encouraging and a role-model; creating in yourself, and expecting of others, accountability
  • Decision-Making / Negotiation: possessing the ability to research, develop and voice evidence for personal perspective to clarify a position, frame a persuasive argument, select an appropriate decision making model, and take action; implement the plan of action. research, develop and voice evidence for personal perspective
  • Systems Thinking: the capability to recognizing recognize and analyzing analyze the complex interactions of structural, technical, political and personnel issues; ability and to see and understand the big picture; integrating multiple levels of perspective within diverse contexts and situations
  • Visioning: the foresight to challenging challenge the current process to create a visionary picture of the future;
  • Civic Engagement: servant leadership or engaged citizenship; a commitment to making make and sustaining a meaningful difference for the common good; engaged citizenship
  • Social Change: understanding and responding to historical, political, economic, and social social-justice issues; to have inclusive dialogue and coalition building to initiate change within the local community and broader society/extend throughout the world