LaTanya White, LT 27

LT truly was a game-changer for me as young professional and as a leader. The learning experience was so impactful that it really still feels like just yesterday that I was at the opening retreat. Thank you for letting me be in the number!

Gini West, LT 7

I definitely believe you reap what you sow and Leadership Tallahassee is an excellent example. I graduated many years ago and my participation has waxed and waned over the years depending on what was going on in my professional life. The years I am able to actively participate I am reminded of what a great resource LT is; networking with my fellow colleagues, my former classmates, as well as benefitting from speakers regarding pertinent topics of interest are all of benefit to me.

Adam Watson, LT 27

Leadership Tallahassee has been the best investment of time of any local groups I have participated in.  My LT Class Year increased my personal leadership and self confidence tremendously, I have formed lifelong friendships I will be forever grateful for, and I continue to enjoy the networking opportunities and ability to keep informed on important local matters through LT offerings.  I highly recommend LT to anyone who is serious about pursuing a leadership role in business or the community.

J. Jeffrey Whalen, LT 12

Leadership Tallahassee is a very important part of our community and helped me get a start in my leadership journey in Tallahassee and Florida.  I am forever indebted to LT, the experiences it has provided for me and the friends it has helped me make.  Although I am busy with other volunteer activities now, I hope to have time to re-invest in LT when some of my other obligations run their course.

Amanda Stringer, LT 29

Leadership Tallahassee has introduced me to many new friends and colleagues and has been invaluable in helping me professionally.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this wonderful program.

Eric Stockstill, LT 24

Great opportunity to meet and network with many fantastic individuals I do not believe that I would have interacted with in my daily life. Excellent Tallahassee community leaders and many even after 8 years of completing the program together we still have strong relationships today.

Leslie Spencer, LT 31

I am honored to have been a part of Leadership Tallahassee Class 31. The connections I have made, the sense of community I feel and the pride in being a part of something greater than myself will always be with me.

Ramsay Sims, LT 32

I feel very close to my former classmates, even those I don’t see regularly.

Jay Revell, LT 32

Leadership Tallahassee is a wonderful experience. The people and places you get to know are a true window into what makes Tallahassee great. People who want to know their city better and know the people making it better should be sure to apply for LT!