A Message from the Board of Governors

Dear Fellow Leadership Tallahassee Members,

For 37 years, Leadership Tallahassee has worked to build a diverse network of leaders committed to improving the community. As an organization, we encourage you to be a part of real change and to stand up against racism and the systemic practices that seek to divide and harm, instead of build and empower.

More than ever, we challenge every community leader to look within themselves, their organizations and our community to be part of real change.

Effective leaders don’t wonder when someone else is going to act. They ask, “What can I do?” So, what can you do?

First, educate yourself. Acknowledge that racial inequities and social injustices exist.

Next, engage in dialogue. Effective leaders surround themselves with diverse voices, and listen to truly understand different perspectives.

Then, establish concrete actions. Go beyond a statement or social media post. Write down tangible steps you can take in your personal and professional life that work to solve the racial injustices occurring across our country.

Last, take action. Continually evaluate and expand your action items while working to improve the community.

Leadership Tallahassee is committed to continuing to create spaces to foster change-making conversations, build connections and empower leaders to look within their homes, businesses, and community to take action. Let’s be the change our community needs. In the days and weeks to come, we will utilize our platform to foster and encourage courageous conversations and address the tough questions plaguing our community. Join us in our efforts.


Melissa VanSickle (LT 29), Chair & Leadership Tallahassee Board of Governors

Leadership Tallahassee’s mission is to cultivate a diverse network of emerging & experienced leaders committed to improving the community.